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I guess this is where we say hello and explain what it is we think we may or may not might be doing possibly. Cinta and I have been writing our "Groovy Cool Adventures" for awhile now and have decided to expand the idea into a website of its own! This site will be used to help other authors and creatives present their work in a manner just as "Groovy Cool" as Cinta and I have become so accustomed.

Please explore this site, though just getting started. We hope to someday be filled with much creativity from around the world! You can email Cinta and I at; she will see the emails from her desk in Spain (Huelva), while I will view them from my desk in the United States (NY).

You may find me talking about my newest writings on Twitter - @Deeliopunk. Give me a follow!

Find out a bit more on each of us by visiting the BIO page. Also you may take a look at our books as well as others on the BOOKS page. If you haven't already or would like to see them again, click the STORIES page to read all of our GCA short stories, as well as a few others we are working on.  And please tell everyone about this site so we can make it as "Groovy Cool" as possible!! - Thank you! - D.e.e.L -


Hello everyone! Thanks for popping over to our website. D.e.e.L and I will use this site to share with all of you all of our stories: the ones we write together, and even our individual ones. We also dream of being joined by other Creative Writers from all over the world, so we can make of this site a creative space for everybody. Make sure you check the tabs on this HOME page, so you don't miss news, links to interesting stuff, and announcements about future events.

When we wrote our first "Groovy Cool Adventures" story, we couldn't even imagine that we would ever do something like this. However, after having written 5 installments already, and since we have plans for going on and even write new things, having a common space to work on our stories seemed to be a natural step to take. Help us to make of this site a "Groovy Cool" space for both readers and writers, and for people who love the written word as much as we do.

Feel free to navigate the site and contact us. D.e.e.L and I will be really happy to read your e-mails, sent to our address. How can you do that in a very easy way? Go to the CONTACT page and send us a message. D.e.e.L will read it in the States and I will read it in Spain.

So stay in tune with us and wait for new stories, new projects, fun stuff, and even contests and giveaways. THANKS! - Cinta.


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